I am very happy with each pair of contacts I have gotten from this company. They are comfortable and easy to use for someone, whom like me, has had no experience in contacts before, the instructions are clear and easy to read. Its made my cosplay all that more awesome and I will be buying more for future cosplay in the future.
Caitlin Gow
I have bought contact lens on Amazon before and they have always been horrible. Colourvue products are fantastic, the picture is actually fairly accurate (which is almost never the case). The colour is nice and understated which suits me perfectly. I think these lenses are actually more comfortable than my daily disposables.
S. Hussain
I bought Evening Gray sometimes ago. I bought this pair for RM 90 which I think is quite affordable. Here’s the picture of me with and without the lens. Look how big is the different. Right side look like really tired eyes. Left side, the eyes look big and bright. I have tried a lot of other color contact lens before but never found one as comfortable as this one. My eyes easily dry out. With this contact lens, I can wear up to 6 hours without feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes I even forget I’m actually wearing the contact lens. Colourvue Contact Lenses have high water content 45% and it can last for 3 months with proper care. Most people neglect the importance of proper care cleaning of contact lens and this lead to eyes infection. Here’s the proper guidelines lens care provided by Maxvue vision inside their website.
They feel super comfortable in my eyes and I do not feel the rims scratching on my cornea and having my eyes water later. I wore it for a few hours and I don't even notice it there. I manage to wear it during the whole day and did not feel any discomfort from the lens. I love the pattern on the lens and it is noticeable in person and in pictures with flash. It gives you lots of attention, but does not make you look weird at all or anime-ish. I've been looking for a grey lens that gives a subtle look that is not overpowering. I am very pleased with the effect the lens give off.
Services good and efficiency, especially that fancy lens is really awesome.
Jimmy Thoo
To be a make-up artist, I trust the styles of ColourVue.
Honey-smile Geng
Really really awesome. I like the colours. Look more better than others contact lens.
Kumangmenyarung Roses
To be a make-up artist, I trust the styles of ColourVue.
Honey-smile Geng
Someone I met at a comic con told me about this site, I bought these as a trial pair and it was well worth it. Will definitely be buying more, so comfortable and was happy to see it came with a case. I didn't notice it before I bought.thank you for the great product at a great price.
Color: 5/5 I love how these lenses look like. I feel like I really have cat eyes! They're so bright and they're so perfect for those who have dark eyes like mine! Comfort 4/5 These lenses are so soft and thin and in the first time they're a bit difficult to put them but in fact, they're comfortable! I wore like 1-2 hrs and my eyes didn't hurts. Enlargement 5/5 Perfect! They look exactly like a cat eye!
I love them. They don't hurt my eyes like contacts usually do and they look just stunning. They're really bright and I just- ugh! Cannot express my love for them.
These lenses are so cool! They're especially great for spooky makeup/sfx looks around Halloween or any other time of year really. I like how I'm not completely blind with these but they do make your vision foggy making it hard to make out details from even a few feet away. So for that, I strongly advise against trying to drive while wearing them. They're are also quite comfortable too. Overall I really enjoy these lenses.
Color: 5/5 They have a very cool bright blue color and the effect they gives to my eyes is amazing! I think they're perfect for Halloween or anime looks.