Corporate Social Responsibility - Free Spectacle for students from unprivileged family

Free spectacles programs for schools kids from needy family:

Pre-Eye test with auto-refractometer (AR)

Optician are giving eyes Test to the children

Maxvue Vision choose to give away free spectacles to poor school kids as we believe a CSR initiative should always tie back to the company’s mission and align with our brand identity. By organizing eye test and providing free spectacles we can engage optometrist, our customers to work with us in the CSR projects. They get excited when invited to be part of such a noble cause. We also buy the spectacles and accessories from them. Such support goes both ways to bond a very strong relationship. In the last several years running this project in Tamil primary schools around Kajang, Nilai, PD and Lukut we found vision issues are one of the reason for kids from disadvantaged family perform poorly in the school. We were surprised to notice kids with myopia as high as -6.00 not wearing spectacles. Its almost impossible to read the blackboard with such high degree. Maxvue established a good system to conduct the eye test for upto 15 school at one venue. We are planning to conduct the next Free Spec Project in Seremban around January 2018. The satisfaction we gain from enabling the kids good vision is immeasurable.

Minister of Health, Dato Subramaniam hand over the spectacle to the kid

Minister of Health, Dato Subramaniam hand over the Certificate of Appreciation to the optician & Mr Selvam, Director of Maxvue Vision


This initiative was supported by optometrists Mr. Christopher, Ms Lisa & Azza Optometry from Seremban. A social welfare organization SIFT, supported us with venue. It took about 6 hours to screen 150 kids. The grand scale handover ceremony organized by SITF. Minister of Health, Dato Subramaniam to handed over the free spectacles to the children and certificate of appreciation to our optometrist. This CSR program was highlighted on Tamil newspaper Makkal Osai. Around 40 children get to read the classroom board with clear vision now. Below are all the school covered in this time corporate social responsibility program.

a.     SJK (T) Bdr. Springhill

b.     SJK (T) Kem Askar Melayu

c.     SJK (T) Ladang Atherton

d.     SJK (T) Ladang Bradwall

e.     SJK (T) Ladang Linsum

f.      SJK (T) Ladang Sagga

g.     SJK (T) Ladang Sendayan

h.     SJK (T) Ladang Siliau

i.      SJK (T) Ladang Sunggala

j.      SJK (T) Ladang Tanah Merah

k.     SJK (T) Mukundan

l.      SJK (T) Sungai Salak 



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