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A Cause Worth Seeing: The Maxvue Vision Way

In today's diverse business world, companies are racing towards creating a brand as a responsible organisation which creates a strong working culture and pride for the employees.In return, this creates a strong sense of brand loyalty.

Maxvue Vision has practiced a sustainable method in assisting the needy to have clearer vision and also create suitable job positions for the disabled people to be part of the business. This is an inspirational act by Selvam Kanniah and his team making a difference in the society.

Corporate Social Responsibility, may seem like an act for companies to obtain tax exemption but when I deal with most of my sponsors who contribute, many are sincere to highlight their dreams of assisting the needy but due to the scope of the business, they are constantly busy running the business operation. 

Looking forward to see more companies like Maxvue Vision in the near future. 


A vision for a strong brand

Coloured contact lenses manufacturer looking to grow its local market

SPENDING money on branding may seem like an afterthought for most SMEs, but Maxvue Vision Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Selvam Kanniah knows that building a brand is a necessary investment.

“The brand is the face of the business,” he says, adding that marketing and branding is the heartbeat of any business.

Selvam notes that most of the coloured contact lenses manufacturer’s profits in the first five years were ploughed back into brand building exercises.

Although they had limited resourcvam took the risk of hiring in-house designers even in the early days so that they’d have creative control over their coloured contact lenses bra.

Maxvue was founded in the mid-2000s by Selvam and his wife, Viji Ramasamy Pillai.

Selvam was then working as an engineer in Singapore while his wife was doing sales for a perfume company.

On one occasion, a customer of Viji enquired if she knew where to source for branded contact lenses in Singapore. She didn’t.

But she found out that there was quite a bit of interest in branded contact lenses suppliers in Singapore.

When Viji got pregnant, Selvam asked her to quit her job. He then registered a company in Johor for her and told her to do whatever she wanted with that company.

After she left her job, she looked up branded contact lenses suppliers and even found a Japanese buyer.

That led the husband and wife to start their contact lenses supply business.

But after a while, Selvam realised that they could not remain as a trading business in the long run as they had no control over the products and they had to rely on suppliers.

In 2006, Selvam came across a Korean coloured contact lenses manufacturer at MIDO, the largest international eyewear show.

That was when Selvam found out that 90% of the world’s coloured contact lenses market was controlled by a single player. And it was a growing market. It seemed to him that there was potential to grow with the market.

It was also the start of the company’s journey as a coloured contact lenses producer.

They spent the first two years giving out their products and building their brand presence. They also invested heavily to participate in various trade shows to reach more markets.

Maxvue was focused more on the international market as it had already established a network globally for its trading business. Although competition was stiffer, being in the international arena turned out to be a good thing for the company.

“We were pushed in the international market. We had to do better,” says Selvam.

Viji recalls their early years when they had little experience in participating in trade shows.

“When we did the Milan show, our booth was so plain compared to the other booths! It was good exposure for us. So after that, we really put in more effort into our booth,” she says.

In fact, they put in that much more effort that Maxvue’s booth started to become the standard for other brands to follow. On occasions when Maxvue wasn’t present, they were missed.

“I’m proud to say that our booth looked even better than some of the multinationals. They are following us,” adds Selvam.

Maxvue also spent more money to ensure that their display materials are eye-catching. Selvam notes that some of the visitors that come by their booth at trade shows have even offered to buy their product displays.

It certainly feels good to know that you’re leading in terms of product presentation. Selvam attributes this to his team of designers.

“We are always thinking of how we can do better than others,” he says.

But brand building is an expensive investment, admits Selvam.

In 2015, Maxvue spent about RM500,000 on its advertising and promotion works in Malaysia alone. In 2017, RM500,000 has been allocated to billboard advertising alone.

Branding is, however, one of the best ways to grow the company organically.

Their efforts have certainly borne fruits.

Today, the company exports its coloured contact lenses to over 60 countries around the world including to Europe and the Middle East. About 80% of its RM17mil revenue is derived from exports.

This year, Maxvue is expecting sales to grow to RM22mil.

The company’s efforts were recognised at The Star Outstanding Business Awards 2016. Maxvue won Platinum awards in the Best Brand and Best Global Market categories and Gold award in the Best in Marketing category in the Up to RM25mil revenue tier.

Maxvue also took home the coveted Malaysian Business of the Year (Up to RM25mil) award.

But branding is not only about presentation, emphasises Selvam. You have to ensure that you have quality products to back it up.

“We are also investing in software and ensuring we have solid certifications,” he says.

Selvam explains that contact lenses are considered medical devices and exporting them require strong brand building backed by solid regulatory compliance.

Maxvue has obtained approvals from medical device regulators around the world, such as European CE mark, Australian TGA, Singapore HSA, Health Canada and most recently, Russian Ministry of Health. The clearance from Russia came after a four-year approval process, Selvam adds.

He is hopeful its US FDA approval will be cleared by the end of this year.

Moving forward, Maxvue is looking to grow in the local market.

Selvam believes brand building will once again be key in growing its market share here.

“There are a lot of local players in the market but they don’t sell their own products. And products can be found very cheap in places like night markets,” he says.

Maxvue has opted to maintain its premium brand for the local market instead of competing on a price level. He doesn’t want to dilute ColourVUE’s value.

ColourVUE’s range of products, which includes the Glow and Crazy Lens series, are a big hit during Halloween and with cosplay users. Maxvue also supplies coloured lenses to the movie industry.

Trying to capture the local market will be a challenge but Selvam is looking into all the necessary things such as putting in a new team, systems and resources to handle local distribution.

He is confident of capturing a sizeable market share by 2018.

Innovation and technology will also be key drivers to stay competitive in the market and Maxvue plans to set up a local research and development centre to develop new material formulations and new manufacturing processes to produce products with a competitive edge.

Maxvue has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Management and Science University (MSU) to collaborate on research and training programmes.

He notes that researchers from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Monash University have also shown interest in collaborations.



Corporate Social Responsibility - Sponsored Jersey to School for Football Match

Maxvue donated RM 800 to 1 Malaysia Indian Chamber who provided free football coaching sessions to school children. The football coaching sessions will help these children learn and train how to play football. The children benefits by learning teamwork, increase confidence and self-esteem, as well as help to reduce anxiety and learn or improve on their football skills.


Vision-X Dubai 2017

Vision-X is the only eyewear and eyecare business event for the Middle East and Africa region marking 18 years in the business of bringing buyers and sellers together each year to source new products and brands, and catch up with the latest trends, customers, contacts and industry information. Vision-X will take place from 17 – 19 October at Dubai World Trade Centre offering regional buyers a comprehensive range of fashion frames, sunglasses and opticare products and giving suppliers, distributors & brands basically a gateway into the MENA region's optical market.

Animangaki 2017

ColourVUE as a Supporting Sponsor for AMG 2017

ColourvUE Booth A1&A2 infront of the main stage

Photo Booth provided for Cosplayer to takes pictures together

AniManGaki, one of the largest convention of its kind in Malaysia, is the brainchild of Sunway University Anime Club (SUAC)’s founder, Yvonne Sing Yee Wen. The annual convention made its debut in 2009, formed by fans, for fans; with the sole purpose of bringing together animation, comics, and gaming enthusiasts of all ages. Branded as “The Trendsetter”, AniManGaki continues to surprise visitors by bringing new contents to the event each year.

Since 2012, AniManGaki had finalized its separation from Sunway University, becoming a convention organized by the AniManGaki Organizing Committee, presently a division under Rakugaki Events PLT. Its founding members continue to actively participate in major event operations till today. They (alongside new members) have made calls to improve the structure of the event; including the painful decision to leave its birthplace for a larger venue, to accommodate the rising number of attendees.

Today, AniManGaki proudly calls Sunway Pyramid Convention Center -- home sweet home.


Corporate Social Responsibility - Free Spectacle for students from unprivileged family

Free spectacles programs for schools kids from needy family:

Pre-Eye test with auto-refractometer (AR)

Optician are giving eyes Test to the children

Maxvue Vision choose to give away free spectacles to poor school kids as we believe a CSR initiative should always tie back to the company’s mission and align with our brand identity. By organizing eye test and providing free spectacles we can engage optometrist, our customers to work with us in the CSR projects. They get excited when invited to be part of such a noble cause. We also buy the spectacles and accessories from them. Such support goes both ways to bond a very strong relationship. In the last several years running this project in Tamil primary schools around Kajang, Nilai, PD and Lukut we found vision issues are one of the reason for kids from disadvantaged family perform poorly in the school. We were surprised to notice kids with myopia as high as -6.00 not wearing spectacles. Its almost impossible to read the blackboard with such high degree. Maxvue established a good system to conduct the eye test for upto 15 school at one venue. We are planning to conduct the next Free Spec Project in Seremban around January 2018. The satisfaction we gain from enabling the kids good vision is immeasurable.

Minister of Health, Dato Subramaniam hand over the spectacle to the kid

Minister of Health, Dato Subramaniam hand over the Certificate of Appreciation to the optician & Mr Selvam, Director of Maxvue Vision


This initiative was supported by optometrists Mr. Christopher, Ms Lisa & Azza Optometry from Seremban. A social welfare organization SIFT, supported us with venue. It took about 6 hours to screen 150 kids. The grand scale handover ceremony organized by SITF. Minister of Health, Dato Subramaniam to handed over the free spectacles to the children and certificate of appreciation to our optometrist. This CSR program was highlighted on Tamil newspaper Makkal Osai. Around 40 children get to read the classroom board with clear vision now. Below are all the school covered in this time corporate social responsibility program.

a.     SJK (T) Bdr. Springhill

b.     SJK (T) Kem Askar Melayu

c.     SJK (T) Ladang Atherton

d.     SJK (T) Ladang Bradwall

e.     SJK (T) Ladang Linsum

f.      SJK (T) Ladang Sagga

g.     SJK (T) Ladang Sendayan

h.     SJK (T) Ladang Siliau

i.      SJK (T) Ladang Sunggala

j.      SJK (T) Ladang Tanah Merah

k.     SJK (T) Mukundan

l.      SJK (T) Sungai Salak 



Growing with local demand

COLOURED contact lenses started gaining popularity in Malaysia sometime in the late 2000s.

It wasn’t uncommon then for Malaysians to spot light brown or grey-blue eyes using cosmetic lenses. The more adventurous ones can be seen with bolder colours such as purple or even patterned lenses.

Over the years, demand for coloured contact lenses in Malaysia hasn’t diminished, says Maxvue Vision Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Selvam Kanniah. If anything, it is still a growing trend.

Selvam observes that Asians, in general, love coloured lenses.

He estimates that coloured lenses make up about 26% of the soft contact lenses market in South-East Asia.

A GfK report in 2013 noted that retail sales of beauty contact lenses in Malaysia raked in revenue of US$19.9mil, growing a staggering 31% from the previous year.

“As the country matures economically and financially, consumers here are becoming increasingly discerning of modern eye care options and at the same time, are more exposed to the latest fashion trends around the world, including the latest optical accessories such as coloured contact lenses and iris enhancers,” the report said.

However, Selvam notes that competition in the local market is stiff and price wars are frequent.

“There are a lot of local players in the market but they don’t sell their own products. And products can be found very cheap in places like night markets,” he says.

Maxvue has opted to maintain its premium stance for the local market instead of competing on a price level.

Having started off with a strong export market, Maxvue has been focusing more of its efforts on growing its presence in Malaysia in recent years.

No doubt, trying to capture the market will be a challenge. Selvam opines that there is a need to secure support of half of the over 1,000 optical shops in Malaysia in order to have a sizeable share.

“We believe we will capture more market share by 2018. We are looking into all the necessary things such as putting in a new team, systems and resources to handle local distribution. We are also investing in software and ensuring we have solid certifications,” says Selvam.

Maxvue’s coloured lenses are marketed under its ColourVUE brand, which includes the Glow and Crazy Lens series. Its products are a big hit during Halloween and with cosplay users.

Maxvue also supplies coloured lenses to the movie industry.


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