Max OptiFresh® Bioplus

Key Features

Max OptiFresh® bioplus™ is a multi-purpose solution formulated using naturally occurring lubricant in your eyes. It forms a lubricating shield surrounding the lens which gives a lasting comfort and prevents moisture loss from your contact lenses all day long. It safeguards your lenses and eyes from germs by properly disinfecting them, removing protein & lipids and balances pH to match healthy tears. In addition, Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) will assist in protecting the corneal surface and reducing ocular surface damage. 


Bioplus seal/ Double Moisturizing Effect


Sodium hyaluronate with HPMC forms a lubricating shield on the lens. Keeps in moisture, lubricates and coats the surface of lens which conditions lens and seals in moisture and slowly releases it throughout the day.







Locks in moisture & retains it in dry environments. 
Ideal solution for patients that find lenses dry out at the end of the day.
Protect from moisture loss all day long.
Formulated for patients with dry & sensitive eyes.
Fight lens dehydration due to pollution & varying environmental conditions.


Clinical Testimonials:


  • Max Optifresh® bioplus was associated with a statistically significant improvement in initial comfort, end day comfort, clear vision and enhanced their overall lens wearing experience more effectively than their previous solution.
  • More than 92% agree Max Optifresh® bioplus enhance overall lens wearing experience.
  • More than 93% will continue using Max Optifresh® bioplus. 







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