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Your Private Label Contact Lenses with a certified contact lens company

Wide experience in building own brand labeling of contact lenses for local & international corporations. our package includes:

Custom Deisgn
Marketing Material Aid
After Sales Support
Medical Devices Legislation
Market Research
Packaging & Logo Design

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True Sandwich Colour Printing System








“I have tried a lot of other color contact lens before but never found one as comfortable as this one. My eyes easily dry out. With this contact lens, I can wear up to 6 hours without feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes I even forget I’m actually wearing the contact lens.” - MICHELLE CHING , Malaysia

“Comfort: 5/5: I had no problem getting these in the first time and they were comfortable since I had it on.” - Jet, United Kingdom

“Upon first putting them on, very comfortable at all, honestly this is corcle lens I've ever tried, and the most comfortable, so far I did not find negative things to my eyes, and I feel comfortable with the circle lens, then I would highly recommend these as an everyday lens. Pair them with some falsies for a more natural yet dramatic look! :) COMFORT 10/10 ” - Wonderfullstraycat, Indonesia

“I'm very very very like with this lens,because this lens is very thin, for comfort of these lenses, I give it 5 stars, because it is very comfortable in the eyes, I never feel itchy when using this lens, it is very convenient for everyday use and I use it for 12 hours is not a problem without the use of eye drops” - Kuroda Arisa, Japan

“The lens has a diameter of 15 mm, not the least of these, and is very thin so that's really comfortable and in general do not feel even for all day wear.” - Nekomura, Poland



Why MAXVUE lenses are safer 


MAXVUE lenses are made only from materials approved by US FDA. All colour pigments used are non- toxic and free from any side effect.   Maxvue lenses are produced in a state-of-art production facility in clean room environment and conforms to European CE requirements.   Maxvue lenses are 100% checked at every stage of production to ensure they are defect free.
Every lens that leaves our production is sterilized at 121’C to ensure its totally free from any harmful bacteria and fungus.   Every lot is tested for Colour removal. This ensures colour pigments are fully sealed and intact.   Every lot is tested for consistency of Diameter and BC requirements.
Samples from each lot retained for 5 years for traceability incase of issues.        

Certification & Approvals

Canadian CAMCAS (Health Canada) Australia TGA Approval  Singapore HSA approval


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